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Changes and Returns

All information shown here is subject to change due to COVID-19. All the updated information regarding how COVID-19 is affecting us can be found in this link.

Time for return

To return a product you have 14 calendar days from when you receive it.

Return procedure

The steps to manage a return are as follows:

  1. Print the return form. You can download it at this link.
  2. Insert the sneakers with their original case into a stronger packaging. A good option is to do it in the box where we send them to you.
  3. Also enter the form duly completed in the same box.
  4. Send the product to us at the following address:

    C/Puntarenas, 12
    Pol. Ind. The Board
    35100, The Maspalomas Board
    Las Palmas

  5. Once received and verified its correct condition we will make the refund.

Transportation agency for return

How the return is borne by the customer, you can choose the transport agency that you consider most appropriate.

Return costs

Return costs are borne by the customer. In case we have to make any disbursements to receive the package, the amount will be subtracted from the total to be paid to the customer.

Returns for tare or error on the product shipped

In case the reason for the return is a tare or an error in the product shipped, please contact us and we will manage the return. Obviously in these cases the return is borne by us.

Physical store return

You can also choose to return the snekers in our physical stores, it is a totally free service.


To make a change you must make a return as explained and subsequently place a new order.